• The FGH’s for Coping with Christmas Anxiety and Depression

    By: Sharon Collignon 

    The Christmas season is upon us!  It’s a time we are meant to be filled with wonder, hope and joy.  But, if I’m being totally honest, I’m feeling a bit melancholy, empty and agitated. If you are being honest, how are you feeling?  Are you filled with the wonder of the season or with the dread of days filled with crowds, busyness and conflict?  

    I hope that you are experiencing joy, but if not, I hope this post will be helpful.  Previously, I released the ABC’s for Coping with Christmas Anxiety and Depression and it resonated with many.  Continuing on through more of the alphabet, I now offer the FGH’s for Coping with Christmas Anxiety and Depression to help you navigate through the season.  My hope is that your heart will be encouraged and that you may know the Prince of Peace this season.
    F is for .. Face…

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Last year was full of transitions for me. Some left me questioning myself, my feelings and my thoughts. Fortunately, I was able to attend the three levels of Lay Counselor Training, beginning with The Glorious Mess Seminar. Though I had lots of previous training in leadership, discipleship and shepherding others, I found the content of the Glorious Mess was different. Ironically, though I attended so that I could improve my ability to help others, I was helped as I learned how I was made in God’s divine image, but also struggled with depravity; how my early experiences contributed to my current perceptions; and how expectations, goals and desires created conflict. More importantly, I learned how to re-train my thoughts and beliefs according to the grace AND truth of Jesus Christ, as I got comfortable in my ongoing story.

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