Our Counseling Model

Learning the flow and work of the counseling relationship

LCI’s Level 2 classes roughly follow the flow of a counseling relationship. In each multi-session training, the class spends the first hour learning one element of the counseling relationship. In the second hour, the class is broken into small groups and they actually practice the techniques that they have been learning.

In Our Counseling model, each class member becomes the client to better understand what it means to be vulnerable and to share deeply in a safe environment. Sharing and hearing one another’s stories is a profoundly spiritual experience. During our time together, we see and hear of the redemptive work of God in each group member’s life and we gain a deeper understanding of God’s presence in the counseling relationship.

As the sessions proceed from the Goal of Counseling to Assessment all the way through to Turning Points and Termination, participants’ confidence and humility grows. Every lesson is taught from a biblical perspective—which reinforces the work that every biblical counselor must do in their own life and in their relationship with God as a support to their role as lay counselor.

Cost: $350/person or $500/couple

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Lorton, VA

"My church and I are deeply indebted to Dr. Bill Clark and the work of LCI. Hurting people have found hope, marriages have been restored, and leaders have been given tools to help people discover the life Jesus offers to any who follow Him"

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