Training Opportunities

LCI’s primary mission is to train people to relate in a “biblically informed and shaped” manner—a manner that gives hope, direction, encouragement and conviction to others. This can manifest itself in a counseling situation, a small group, a mentoring relationship or just a casual conversation. LCI helps individuals develop relationships that mirror, in some small way, how God or Christ relates to us—with grace, authority, wisdom and compassion. Everything we do is designed to help others be free to relate well and deeply.

Our program is a sequential set of seminars and training, with hands on experience, aimed at providing lay leaders with the knowledge base they need to launch their own lay counseling ministry within their local church.

Level 1A: The Glorious Mess

The Glorious Mess is a one-day seminar that gives participants a look at the battle between our dignity and our depravity. We’ll explore a four key points: the nature of man, the nature of change, the role of suffering, and the will of God. This training serves as the introduction to lay counseling, and is perfect for anyone in a relational roles (ministry, marriage, parenting, mentoring, etc.) where life seems especially challenging. You’ll walk away feeling more equipped to engage people in meaningful conversations that help lead to change.

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Level 1B: Lab Small Group

As a followup to The Glorious Mess, the lab is the experiential portion where participants can download and discuss their takeaways and thoughts. It involves personal sharing and intimate exercises designed to “flesh out” the content from the seminar. It is rare that we are in groups designed to have us share our story, listen to others, get and give personal feedback, and learn about the group process. We highly recommend this for anyone involved in paid or volunteer care-giving or ministry. (Note: 1B is required to progress to Level 2 training)

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Level 2: Our Counseling Model

Level 2 teaches the foundation of what we consider the LCI counseling model. We discuss the stages of the counseling relationship from start to finish. The first hour is a teaching format looking at key counseling principles from a biblical perspective, and the second hour is hands-on application and small group time. You’ll walk away better equipped to counsel, disciple, and mentor others with a bible-based approach that provides hope, encouragement, and serves as a catalyst for real change.

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Beyond LCI—Ongoing Supervision

Counseling can only be learned in a live environment, and there is no textbook that can address the variety of human experience that counselors will encounter. In a supervision group environment, lay counselors meet together to confidentially discuss cases under the direction from more experienced, professional counselors that can provide further insight and “hands on” training.

After participants have completed Level 1 & 2 of the LCI training program, they can work with their church governing body to establish an ongoing group that is supervised by a pastoral counselor or Christian mental health professional. (Note: As ongoing supervision is required for licensed professionals as well, LCI strongly suggests that all lay counselors participate in a Level 3 supervision group at their local church.)

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"LCI was instrumental in my becoming a lay counselor. From the one-day session through the 6 and 10-week follow up trainings, this program equips those seeking to serve in this capacity. LCI stresses the importance of telling our own story and addressing the issues in our lives to better prepare us to "walk beside others" as clients invite us into their stories. With Christ as a model, we learn the LCI methodology, our role as counselors, and the ultimate goal of lay counseling. If anyone is considering lay counseling as a ministry, I highly recommend LCI as a valuable, informative, and potentially life-changing avenue toward serving others."

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