What is Lay Counseling?

Lay Counseling is one-on-one counseling in a non-clinical environment. Volunteer leaders (aka lay leaders) are trained and taught the principles of counseling in order to offer loving care towards others.

Our Mission

To provide training and guidance so lay leaders can establish lay counseling programs in their local churches. We are passionate about preparing believers for the care of others.

Benefits of LCI Training

Learn how to care for others by being trained to identify the spiritual, emotional, and behavioral characteristics that shape individuals. Practice applying biblical principles to everyday difficulties and tragedies.

Our Training Opportunities

Level 1A:
The Glorious Mess

All day workshop aimed to shed light into the struggle between our depravity and our dignity. Learn more about human nature, who we are, and how we relate to one another.

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Level 1B:
LAB Small Group

As a followup to The Glorious Mess, the small group allows participants to process what they’ve learned, and dig deeper into applying biblical principles to everyday situations.

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Level 2:
Our Counseling Model

See start to finish an overview of the counseling relationship. The first hour is a teaching format looking at key counseling principles, and the second hour is hands-on application and small group discussion.

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Beyond LCI:

Ongoing group discussions/trainings spent with professional counselors looking at relevant case studies and learning new counseling techniques.

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Stories of Impact

LCI changes people’s lives—whether through direct training or indirectly through a lay counselor. Hear what God is doing in and through the Lay Counselor Institute.

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Meet the Founders

Bill Clark and Barbara Giuliano began training lay counselors while attending a Sunday school class in 1989. Learn more about their passion for equipping leaders to make a difference in other’s lives.

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