About LCI

The Lay Counselor Institute (LCI) is a non-profit organization that provides support for effective, biblical lay counseling ministries by providing training and development opportunities for lay counselors and leaders. LCI offers various levels of training as well as topical workshops for individuals, small groups leaders, couples, and parents. Our training integrates biblical theology with a practical counseling model that helps equip leaders with the grace and truth to facilitate healing within their circle of influence.

Through this, we hope to aid spiritual growth and transformation as well as to develop more meaningful community in and through the local church in the D.C. metropolitan area and beyond.

Why LCI Exists

If we really knew what was happening behind the closed doors of our friends, family and communities, we would find that we are surrounded by broken relationships, addictions, abuses, loss, depression, anxiety, spiritual malaise, marital and family conflict, and worse. People want—and need— a safe place to make known what they are experiencing. Counseling and mentoring relationships can support us as we face life’s challenges. Lay care and counseling offers real help to those isolated or confused by their struggles. It also deeply touches the lay counselor’s own life and experience of Christ. Read our mission and vision

We Train People.

LCI trains individuals in the congregation to share in the effort to provide comfort and understanding to those who are hurting, feel hopeless, or overwhelmed with life. We look for people who are caring, grounded in their experience of God and His Word, and prepared to participate in a counseling, mentoring, or small group ministry.

We Help Churches.

LCI also helps local churches establish ongoing supervision training for their lay counselors with mental health professionals or seasoned lay leaders in the area. We are happy to offer events and trainings at your local church and are committed to providing infrastructure to make your Lay Counseling ministry effective.


Lorton, VA

"My church and I are deeply indebted to Dr. Bill Clark and the work of LCI. Hurting people have found hope, marriages have been restored, and leaders have been given tools to help people discover the life Jesus offers to any who follow Him"

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