Mission & Vision

The measure of a ministry, is in the lives it has touched.

The Lay Counselor Institute (LCI) changes people, churches and communities. When you first attend LCI’s Level 1a training, The Glorious Mess, an internal change begins as you examine and revise your understanding of relationships, your place and ministry in the church, and most especially, what God is up to in your life.

In Level 1b, the Small Group Lab portion participants share their stories and listen to others. This is powerful for many people as it may be the first time they’ve shared deeply in a safe environment. When the participants leave the Lab, there is a shift—their everyday encounters take on new meaning as they listen and empathize on a deeper, more honest level. As they walk the halls of church and greet friends and acquaintances, something new happens. People are more willing to get real and go deep. This new depth brings more committed community and care within the church and in all their relationships.

If the measure of a ministry truly is in the lives it touches, then LCI’s ministry extends far beyond the participants in the training classes—it extends to everyone they encounter when their training is complete—and that’s a goal of our ministry!

Our Vision is to reach many for healing and growth, and we hope that you will choose to lend your support by praying and participating as you are called.

Our Official Mission:

“The Lay Counselor Institute (LCI) is a non-profit organization that assists the local church in establishing and growing an effective ministry of biblical lay counseling by identifying and training caring and gifted believers who are grounded in their knowledge of the Bible and committed to biblical counseling.”

LCI was a turning point in my life. I have always had a desire to comfort those as I have been comforted, but I always felt so inadequate in doing so. After attending LCI training, I came away with a deeper sense of who I am in Christ and gained so many valuable insights to give hope to the hurting. Learning what a healing community looks like has been my experience with the LCI ministry.

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