The Glorious Mess

Join us for The Glorious Mess, and dive into the paradox of human life— good and evil, broken and beautiful, seeking life and running from it, building relationships and tearing them down, grasping truth and believing lies and so on. As people, we can be such a mess and yet through Christ, we can gloriously reflect His light. We are essentially…a Glorious Mess.

The Glorious Mess is Level 1 training for becoming a Lay Counselor through LCI and is made up of two parts: The Glorious Mess workshop (part A) & Lab Small Groups (part B). The Cost for Level 1a is $95 per person, ($35 per alumni*) and includes coffee, lunch at the workshop, training, all materials, and a free book.  The cost for Level 1b is $100 for the 5-week experiential Lab.

Part 1a

This day long workshop looks at dimensions of human nature and relationships: what they reveal about our lives and what kind of path we are hoping for, especially in the midst of suffering and struggle. How do we reconcile the contradiction between our own dignity & depravity? How do we interact, mentor, and advise others in the same boat? What/who is the source of hope? What biblical truths can we claim? How are we really a Glorious Mess?

While the training is the first step towards becoming a lay counselor, it is especially helpful for anyone in relational roles (ministry, marriage, parenting, mentoring, leading a small group)—where life can be especially challenging.

Part 1b:

The second part of the Glorious Mess is a Lab: Small Group Experience. The lab is an experiential small group that quickly follows the Saturday seminar. It involves personal sharing and intimate exercises designed to “flesh out” the content from the seminar.

Many individuals who have now completed the Lab, as well as the various volunteer leaders of these groups, have found it a powerful and rich experience. It is rare that we are in groups designed to have us share our story, listen to others, get and give personal feedback, and learn about the group process. We highly recommend this for anyone involved in paid or volunteer care-giving or ministry.

NOTE: The Lab (part b) is mandatory for anyone who is interested in moving on to our Level 2 counseling training.

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*Alumni of a previous Glorious Mess seminar are offered a minimal registration fee in the hope that they will invite (and join) friends, family and colleagues in attending this provocative seminar.


Crofton, MD

I learned much of the LCI model back in the early 90’s in a Sunday school class taught by Bill Clark before the Lay Counselor Institute even existed. The model that I learned transformed the way I looked at my own life as well as the way I saw God. In time, it propelled me to graduate school and a career in counseling. Even armed with a degree in counseling, the truths I learned through LCI are really the bedrock of how I counsel and how I aspire to live.

But, it does not stop here. My pastor and his wife have been trained through LCI and this training colors the way they shepherd at Mid-Atlantic Community Church. Through the church, I lead a LCI consultation group made up of lay counselors from inside and outside my church. Our pastor routinely refers individuals to these lay counselors. It has truly been a ‘gift that keeps on giving.’ I can think of no more worthy organization to support!

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