• Learning to Grow in a Season of Grief

    Written by Cyndi Wagner

    Barren. Dark. Depressing. Lonely. Isolating. Harsh. Severe.  These words describe the season of winter.  The leaves disappear from the trees, grass and bushes die, the sky is gray, and the ground is frozen and impenetrable. There are days and nights when winter is hard and ugly, when temperatures plummet and the howl of the wind threatens our sanity.

    These words also describe grief.

    Grief slows us down--our compulsion to "do" dissolves, and "being" is all that is possible. Our life as we knew it disappears, dreams are shattered, and our hearts are ripped from us in the blink of an eye.

    For years, I used to resist the “season of winter” in my soul. This meant avoiding pain and sorrow at all costs by numbing my emotions.  I would jump right to springtime in my soul and deny the reality of suffering and pain.
     I would jump right to springtime in…

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  • Depression and the Gospel

    This past weekend, Dr. Bill Clark, Ph.D. was able to speak at Reston Bible Church on depression and the gospel. He walks through critical questions about depression and how believers can come alongside those struggling. Dr. Clark points out the key truth that, until we see ourselves as emotionally & cognitively broken, we cannot empathize with the brokenness and suffering of others.
    Watch the video from his talk below:

    Questions Dr. Clark covers:
    What is depression? Does the Bible talk about it? How should a christian treat depression? What does someone battling depression need most? What Scriptures can we reference about depression? What does the Bible say about depression and the gospel?
    Other helpful books on depression:

    Tim Keller, Walking with God Through Pain & Suffering
    John Piper, When the Darkness will not Lift
    Dr. Henry Cloud, Changes that Heal
    Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, What to Do when you Don't know What to Do

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Bowie, MD

LCI has provided a framework for understanding life, faith and relationships and the training has added depth and passion to my walk with the Lord. LCI has opened my eyes to the relevancy of Scripture to life’s struggles and given me an approach to counseling that I can wholeheartedly believe in.

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