Sexual Restoration

This workshop is offered help lay and professional counselors, local pastors, and other church and ministry leaders who serve those affected by the current sexual epidemic.

At the risk of being dramatic, we are in the middle of a sexual epidemic in our country. Child pornography generates billions of dollars annually and the porn industry as a whole generates even more revenue. Same sex attraction and bisexual behavior is being promoted more and more in the media. Over 50% of American families say pornography is a problem in their home; 50% of men and 17% (or more) of women grapple with addiction to pornography, online chat sites, graphic novels, etc. The statistics in Christian homes appear to be no different. People need help and those willing to come alongside need models of understanding and treatment that are Biblically based and more developed, adaptive and “mature.”

The workshop has 3 basic components:

  • A model for understanding the development of sexual deviation (of sexual identity and behavior)
  • A model for understanding and addressing sexual addiction
  • Various techniques and tools to use in counseling those with sexual issues.

A few cases will be presented and there will be time for questions at the end.

Dr. Bill Clark leads this workshop and bases much of the content on a graduate class he teaches, “Assessing and treating sexual problems” at Philadelphia Biblical University. He is joined by others, including sex therapists to lead this workshop.


Alexandria, VA

"One of the many things I received in LCI was a greater awareness and understanding of how much suffering and struggle takes place in the body of Christ. I was privileged to hear stories of immense wounded-ness from childhood and adult relationships, and how Christ is redeeming each of those stories for His glory."

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