Broken Vows: Infidelity

Are you working with a couple or individual dealing with betrayal and infidelity?

LCI invites pastors, counselors, lay counselors, shepherd and home group leaders, marriage mentors, and anyone helping married folks repair or maintain their relationships to join us for a few hours of teaching and sharing about this common dilemma attacking marriages.

There is no “one size fits all answer” to this tragedy as anyone going through it will tell you, but there are potentially helpful ways of understanding and moving through the pain of infidelity; whether or not the marriage survives.

We’ll discuss several “scripts” of infidelity, a model for deciding what to do and how to potentially reconcile if that is the choice of both partners. We will also discuss divorce (as an act of faith), who to involve in the process (i.e., children, the church, parents), critical benchmarks, etc.

Join Dr. Bill Clark and a few brave volunteers for a few hours of testimony and teaching about this all too common issue.


Alexandria, VA

"The training and ongoing supervision that our lay counselors have received from LCI has been invaluable in shepherding our congregation. While we respect the role that professional counselors play in personal Christian growth, and refer our members to professionals when appropriate, one of our bedrock philosophies at APC is the belief that God equips and gifts the local congregation to minister to one another in significant ways.

Counseling is an important ministry in every church. God has used our lay counselors to help bring about real change in the lives of members in our congregation. It has been deeply encouraging to not only witness true change in the lives of our members, but also to observe the impact in the lives of our lay counselors, as they witness the Holy Spirit using them in the lives of others in ways they could not have imagined. I am a firm and enthusiastic supporter of lay counseling ministry and am thankful that the Lord has placed this rich resource, LCI’s lay counselor training in our backyard. The shepherding ministry at APC is healthier and richer because of it."

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