The Biggest Job: Parenting

What is “the biggest job we’ll ever have?” Many would agree the answer is “being a parent.” But what does authentic Christian parenting look like? What are our priorities as parents, and do our words match our actions? Do we value truth over harmony?

Principles over rules? Attitude over aptitude?

Scripture provides context for parenting far beyond a few well-known verses. It is richly relational throughout and its implications, intimately applied to our own lives, will profoundly affect our parenting style.

Lay counselors trained and equipped by LCI often find that parenting concerns are one of the more common in the counseling setting. Biblical counseling, practically applied to parenting, challenges counselors and parents alike. To complement its ministry in support of lay counselors and the churches they serve, LCI has entered into partnership with Hyde Schools ( to sponsor and co-present Hyde’s “Biggest Job” parenting workshop.

As a non-sectarian, nationally recognized school founded in 1966 on the premise of family-based character education, Hyde operates boarding schools (grades 9-12) at Bath, ME, and Woodstock, CT, as well as several charter schools around the country. Hyde’s long history of successes working with children and families, combined with LCI’s commitment to biblical counseling in local churches, presents a unique learning opportunity for both parents and counselors.

Bowie, MD

LCI has provided a framework for understanding life, faith and relationships and the training has added depth and passion to my walk with the Lord. LCI has opened my eyes to the relevancy of Scripture to life’s struggles and given me an approach to counseling that I can wholeheartedly believe in.

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