Giving to LCI

The Lay Counselor Institute (LCI) is a not-for-profit ministry supported largely by the generous contributions and giving of people who believe in our work and mission. All contributions are tax deductible and go directly to our work of “Preparing Believers for the Care of Others.” We invite you to join us through your prayers, financial support and participation as a volunteer.


First and most important, we invite you to pray for us, our ministry, and the lay counselors we are training for the Lord’s work. Our desire is to build stronger community and relationships. Your prayers unite us and provide much-needed encouragement.


LCI graciously accepts tax-deductible gifts from those who are inspired by our mission. LCI’s income from seminars and training events cannot support our yearly budget. Regular, recurring monthly support commitments are most helpful, but we are also most grateful for one-time and annual gifts.

Many organizations and businesses have “matching gifts” programs. Check with your human resources/personnel office to see if this program exists in your organization and to find out how you might utilize it to financially support LCI.

Ways to Donate Financially:

  • Send a check via Snail Mail to the LCI office:
    Attn: Donations
    PO Box 1758
    Herndon, VA 20172
  • Via PayPal — please enter the desired amount in the right sidebar to be redirected to Paypal. (All major credit cards accepted)

Note: All year-end gifts must be received by December 31st.

Participate as a Volunteer

On occasion, we have special needs for volunteers. Usually these needs will be announced on both the website and via emails.
Examples include:

  • Photographing or Videotaping seminars
  • Editing tapes or recordings
  • Creating graphics or design materials
  • Guest blogging
  • Event planning
  • Event day logistics (registration, lunch, refreshments, greeting, etc.)
  • Contributing to the writing or editing of our communications materials
  • Fundraising

If you have a special talent or item to contribute, please let us know.

Note from Dr. Bill Clark

I enjoy giving gifts; for me, it’s just fun. The Scriptures say, “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor. 9:7)

He wants us to want to give. We know what He means, don’t we? I enjoy giving things because I want to, because I’m excited to give. I like giving those gifts that say, “I’m thinking about you! I want to do something for you!” On the other hand, obligatory giving (or shopping) is not fun. It’s pressured. It’s “I better give or else…” and God knows there is a better way!

God is not a demanding God. If He demands anything, it is that we love one another and care for the needs of others. What He’s trying to do is get us to be different, better people; to be more like His Son – whom He gladly gave to and for us.

We hope this time of year is meaningful for you and that the Gift of our Lord is fresh again!


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