Level 1B – Glorious Mess Lab

Jan 09, 2018

The second part of the Glorious Mess is a Lab, an experiential small group that quickly follows the Glorious Mess seminar. It involves personal sharing and intimate exercises designed to “flesh out” the content from the Glorious Mess Seminar. The Glorious Mess Lab is 5 weeks of a meaningful small group experience (4-6 members and 2 experienced leaders). The cost is $100.

At this time, we are taking sign-ups for January 2018 Lab Groups. If you are interested in joining a 5-week Lab Group, please sign-up at your earliest convenience.

Please note: You must have attended previously (or be currently registered for) the Glorious Mess workshop (Level 1A) in order to attend a Lab. The lab is also a prerequisite for advancing to Level 2.

Lab Signup 2018

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McLean, VA

"Lay counseling at McLean Presbyterian began as a grass roots effort by several members of the church family. We sent a survey around to the church members and learned that our church was not doing well in attending to the brokenness both of our members and the larger community. As a result, a group was formed to figure out how we could better care for others. We found that the LCI model was the best fit for us. Since we began our Lay Counseling ministry several years ago, the lay counselors have been one piece of the pie in how God is moving MPC to be a care station for the hurt and broken.

We have seen lay counseling begin to change the culture of our church and it began by changing us. We have a better understanding of our own brokenness and the grace God has given each of us. We are able to live more authentically ourselves and in doing, so encourage others to live the same. We have seen God transform and redeem so many lives and situations in sometimes totally unexpected ways. LCI was, and continues to be, a driving force in this change process."

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