The Glorious Mess (Arnold/Annapolis, MD)

Jan 20, 2018

The next Glorious Mess Seminar is January 20, 2018 at Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD.

We live in constant tension. On a daily basis we can be bombarded with news of both heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories that involve people—a stranger donates $10,000 to a family in need, or a gunman takes innocent lives on a school campus. We have all inherited a sinful nature that makes us a mess.  Yet through Christ, we have the chance to be glorious beings that reflect His light. We are essentially…a Glorious Mess.

How do we reconcile the obvious display of contradiction between our own dignity & depravity? How do we understand and live in this tension? How do we interact, mentor, and advise others? What/who is the source of hope as we seek to understand?

This day-long training that explores these tough questions and looks into the biblical truths we can claim. Dr. Bill Clark focuses on four key points: the nature of man, the nature of change, the role of suffering, and the will of God. You’ll walk away understanding more about yourself and have a glimpse into what could be going on in the lives of those around you. This training serves as the introduction to lay counseling, and is perfect for anyone in a relational roles (ministry, marriage, parenting, mentoring, etc.) where life seems especially challenging. You’ll walk away feeling more equipped to engage people in meaningful conversations that help lead to change.

Cost: $95 per person OR $35 for Alumni
The registration cost includes coffee, lunch, training, all materials, and a free book.

The Glorious Mess— Bay Area Community Church (Annapolis MD)

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"LCI was instrumental in my becoming a lay counselor. From the one-day session through the 6 and 10-week follow up trainings, this program equips those seeking to serve in this capacity. LCI stresses the importance of telling our own story and addressing the issues in our lives to better prepare us to "walk beside others" as clients invite us into their stories. With Christ as a model, we learn the LCI methodology, our role as counselors, and the ultimate goal of lay counseling. If anyone is considering lay counseling as a ministry, I highly recommend LCI as a valuable, informative, and potentially life-changing avenue toward serving others."

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